Saturday the 20th of September saw our first ever senior awards night with more than 1 team as our over 35s wrapped up their first season together with the lads from the senior team in style in O’Brien’s pub in Timolin.

Winners on the night from the Senior team was player of the year David Howe and top scorer Aidan Jones as well as the 2015 POTY award finally being awarded to Club Captain Larry wall.


On the over 35 side of things Donnchadh Jacob took home the Player’s Player of the year and the Managers Player of the year was awarded to our chairperson Joe Kennedy (some dodgy dealings going on there) 


Massive thank you to all those who made this past season go by as smoothly as it did.

We hope to run a weekly 5 a side on saturday afternoons for the offseason, if you’re interested give Peter McEnroe a bell on 0872638750